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  • Developer: Hermetic Ventures
  • Multiplayer Launch Date:  March 15th, 2023
  • Platforms:  iOS (Android coming soon!)
  • Price:  Free
  • Availability:  Digital Download from the App Store (
  • Languages: English (Spanish coming soon!)
  • ESRB : E for everyone
  • Press Contact:
  • Website :


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What is the legacy your family will leave on the world?

Will your bloodline be seen as a beacon of light guiding humanity through the ages?

Or will your bloodline be known as a bringer of darkness, enshrouding humanity in constant conflict, poverty, and chaos?

It's up to you to decide the fate of the World Order!

The Story Begins with the Patriarch and Matriarch of your family — create offspring and build the future generations of your Bloodline

    • Send your bloodline to school to make connections, learn skills, and get opportunities!
    • Invest in companies and grow your wealth over time
    • Hire staff and employees to support your empir
    • Make millions for your bloodline using your understanding of history and world events to predict the rise and fall of stock prices
    • Prepare your bloodline for wars, depressions, and other catastrophic events
    • Know your history, or be doomed to repeat it!
    • Invite your friends to a private multiplayer game of World Order
    • Join public games and make new friends
    • Complete for global bragging rights on the Leaderboards
    • Chat with other players and swap strategies in the Forums
    • Deploy your own server and host your own games!
    • Play in a fictitious, procedurally-generated world inspired by real events dating from the 1700s to modern day
    • Change the course of history with your unique decisions
    • Learn interesting facts from history
    • Frequent content updates
Create your World Order today! Free to Play!

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Company Story

Hermetic Ventures is a boutique software development firm founded in 2018 in Silicon Valley, USA. We're a company made by enthusiastic people who love games, tech, history, literature, and learning. We have offices in Sunnyvale, CA and Sag Harbor, NY and collaborate with colleages around the world.

We believe in making games that tell unique stories and make you think. We make the games we want to play, and we hope you do too!